Frequently Asked Questions

Interest in soccer has grown generally nationwide, in our state and in Jonesboro. To accommodate this growth, it became necessary to implement a soccer program offers broader geographical reach, and higher technical, tactical, physical and physiological goals. This new club is Arkansas Revolution. Based on a specific curriculum and expanded coaching support, Arkansas Revolution aims to grow the skill and competitive base of soccer, with each soccer generation starting at a higher level than the previous.
Jonesboro Tornados was the foundation of recreational and competitive soccer in the Craighead County community. In the last few years, participation had grown to a level that the Tornado program and format could not support continued growth to match that of other Arkansas regions. In order to include more regional players and offer services beyond Craighead County, Tornados has been rebranded as Arkansas Revolution.
The name change was necessary to reflect the new brand of soccer training that Arkansas Revolution will offer this region. This new product and level of coaching service deserve distinction for the dedication, rigor and level of enthusiasm that will affect an entire region and players for years to come.
Arkansas Revolution is led by an Advisory Board and a Director of Coaching. Together, they will follow a specific curriculum for player and coach development and attempt to create a training environment that that foster additional growth. For the younger age groups, Arkansas Revolution will implement the development model.
Collected fees will be used to pay for licensed and experienced trainers, tournament fees, two premier uniform kits, multiple state player registration, insurance, field management fees, and referees. The number of players on a team, number of scrimmages, number of tournaments, and tournament fees (each tournament charges a different fee) will determine final cost. The cost for the first season may range from $275-425 per player. As players progress to higher age groups, the fees increase. Typically, the second season will cost less as uniform fees and state registration fees are not needed. Travel expenses (hotel, gas, food) are not included in this estimate.
There will be 2-3 practices per week. There will be scrimmage games, jamborees and tournament play. Teams can play 2-4 tournaments per season. There are usually 3-4 games at each tournament. Scrimmage and jamborees will vary each season depending on other club participation, field availability and weather.
Revolution practice will start approximately the first week in August. The Fall season will finish near the end of October. Dates will vary depending on ages and tournaments played.
Arkansas Revolution practices will be at Joe Mack Campbell Complex. Games location will vary based on scrimmage, jamboree or tournament locations.
Travel distances will vary depending on ages and tournaments played. The majority of tournaments selected are within 2-4 hour radius. Typically, younger teams travel less distance and older teams go a bit further.
If you make the team in the Fall, you are automatically on the team in the Spring.
Your child’s interest and experience in soccer will be the determining factor. If this is your first time to play, City Stars or NEA Rec travel league may be a good first option. If your child has played several seasons or has advanced skills and wants more learning and competition to be prepared for future soccer, then Arkansas Revolution may be a good option. Contact [email protected] for specific questions or situations.
Yes. Revolution teams will practice multiple times per week competing against in and out of state teams emphasizing tournament play. Each child needs to have a skill set that allows them to show TIPS (Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed) relative to the other children. If your child is able to show his/her own soccer personality on the field, then it will be a great experience!
No. Just because your child does not make a Revolution team does not mean they should give up soccer. They should join the travel recreational or City Stars program to improve their skills and increase their knowledge and try again the next year.
Arkansas Revolution hopes to instill in its players an enduring love and passion for the sport, that fosters competitiveness, practice, understanding, respect, sportsmanship and fun! There are no guarantees for winning. Actually, it is the opposite. If your child wins every game, then the staff has not appropriately challenged him/her. At times, in order to gain skill and play better, one needs to play and experience greater skill and better play.
U9-U10 (under 9 to under 10) is the first age group supported by Arkansas Revolution trainers and staff. They will be educated in an Academy format during the week and participate in the NEA Recreational League for games. Traditional competitive team options expand for players U11-U18 for boys and girls.
U7-U8 age divisions will be service by the City Stars program at this time.

Age Groups

Team Age Range
U18 08/01/1997 - 07/31/1998
U17 08/01/1998 - 07/31/1999
U16 08/01/1999 - 07/31/2000
U15 08/01/2000 - 07/31/2001
U14 08/01/2001 - 07/31/2002
U13 08/01/2002 - 07/31/2003
U12 08/01/2003 - 07/31/2004
U11 08/01/2004 - 07/31/2005
U10 08/01/2005 - 07/31/2006
U9 08/01/2006 - 07/31/2007
No child can play down. Depending on skill and ability, players can and have played up. Children develop physically, mentally, and socially at different speeds (the fast 10 year old may not be as fast at age 13). Each child needs to have a skill set that allows them to show TIPS (Technique, Individuality, Personality and Speed) relative to the other children. If they are able to show their own personality on the field relative to the other players, then your child might be a candidate to play up. The trainers and coaches will decide who is eligible to play up a level.
The Director of Coaching has a mandate is to lead this region to a greater soccer knowledge, skill level and overall experience. He will direct our coaches/trainers on a specific curriculum to educate individual player skills and the connection to the team game to compete against other players/teams. Brian Dooley, has been coaching for 25+ years primarily at the college level. For more information on Coach Dooley, click here.
All trainers will be licensed to coach. Several teams will have trainers during the week, but separate coaches during tournament play. Many of these trainers and coaches have been involved in the soccer community for years.