Coach Dooley

Coaching Methodology

We are passionate in utilizing the positive coaching model. We will develop high achieving, thriving individuals utilizing challenging techniques.

  • DEMANDING without being DEMEANING
  • Nurture INTRINSIC motivation
  • Respect and protect the SELF-WORTH of each individual
  • Experience Personal Excellence
  • It does matter that we win!
  • More Motivated to come back for more…
Coach Dooley has coached 10 players that have gone on to represent their home countries on national teams (Finland, Scotland, Jamaica and Puerto Rico) and four have played at the professional level.

Coaching and Training Staff

Coach Contact
Brian Dooley Director of Coaching [email protected]
Bill Summers Registrar [email protected]
Freddy Garcia U9 Boys Red Coach [email protected]
Allen Brown U9 Boys Blue Coach [email protected]
​​Sam Uddin U9 Girls Coach [email protected]
Frank Zavala U10 Boys Coach[email protected]
Lara White U10 Girls Coach [email protected]
Jose Vazquez U11 Boys Blue Coach [email protected]
Jordan Jackson U12 Girls Coach [email protected]
Dusty Gibson U12 Boys Coach [email protected]
Welby Young U14 Boys Coach [email protected]
Veronika Pribyslavka U15 Girls Coach [email protected]
Jake Vickery U17 Boys Coach [email protected]
Mallory McGilvray U19 Girls Coach [email protected]
Wayne McKinney U19 Boys Coach [email protected]
Ron Teat Trainer [email protected]
Osa Amienyi Trainer[email protected]
John Allen Trainer[email protected]